Education Ministry
Here at the Brownsville Church of Christ we strive to save souls and keep souls saved. In order to accomplish our goal of saving souls and keeping souls saved, we believe that it is important to educate our members and visitors. Outside of normal worship services, we also offer Sunday School classes as well as, Tuesday night Bible studies. In addition to our Sunday and Tuesday Bible studies, we also offer Brothers and Sisters Bible Classes and Thursday Morning Bible Classes.

Also we cannot forget our yearly vacation Bible School. All classes are geared to enrich, encourage and equip members with the tools
they need in order combat the many trials they may encounter in their everyday lives.

 Media Ministry

Utilizing all forms of Media, the Media Ministry at Brownsville sees the importance of reaching beyond the four walls of Brownsville Church of Christ. Taking advantage of the wide spread audience that can be reached on Social Media, member and non-members can find information on upcoming events as well as view pictures and videos of BCOC in action. The Media Ministry is also responsible for the audio and visual at BCOC.

Transportation Ministry  

One of our most important Ministries at the Brownsville Church of Christ, is our Transportation Ministry. Understanding that not everyone has a way to the house of God, we provide FREE bus service to all members and visitors to and from the Brownsville Church of Christ. Our

Transportation Ministry is not only used for transporting members to and from, but also as a
means for the Youth of BCOC to attend 4th Sunday Youth Fellowships as well as transporting
members to the various Church Events that take place around the Brotherhood.

our ministiries

Prayer Line 6:00 am- 7:00 am

Call  (605)313-4821

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Church Ministries and Leaders
Evangelism: Bro. Harrell Henton
Youth: Bro. Harrell Henton
Media: Bro. Travis L. Mobley
Hospitality: Bro. John McMillan
Health: Sis. Gloria McSwain
Community Outreach: Sis.Hester Henton
Majestic Voices: Sis. Hester Henton
Majestic Juniors: Sis. Syndy Colebrook
Helen’s Choice: Sis. Evelina Nelson
Sister’s Committee: Sis. Caroline Exposito
Ladies Day: Sis. Kellee Henton
Worship: Bro. Eugene McClendon
Transportation: Bro. James Holt
Brother’s Keeper: Bro. Charlie McSwain